Month: July 2012

  • ikaaro 0.75 released

    Almost two years have passed since the previous major release of the ikaaro web framework, and the itools library. The new release has tons of changes, so many I will not try to list them here. This release is used by BePatient and some intranets. I have labelled this release as beta, because the code […]

  • pygit2 v0.17.2 released

    Just a week after the release of v0.17.1, here is v0.17.2, it fixes a single but rather important bug. The source distribution, as it was uploaded to pypi, was badly broken: it did not include fundamental files, so the package did not build at all. The problem was reported in issue 115 The bug was […]

  • pygit2 0.17.1 released

    pygit2 is a Python package that gives access to core features of the Git control version system. These features are implemented by the libgit2 shared library written in C, pygit2 is just a Python wrapper around this library. The new version 0.17.1 of pygit2 adds several new features: support for diffs, the reflog and configuration […]

  • Gentoo: the HForge overlay

    Just updated the ebuilds for itools and ikaaro in the hforge overlay, so I thought this is a good time to document how to use the hforge overlay. Layman with Git support If you have not installed layman yet, you have to, with the git use flag: /etc/portage/package.useapp-portage/layman git Then emerge layman: $ sudo emerge […]

  • Python: Running Valgrind on a C extension

    This is how I use Valgrind to check for memory bugs in pygit2. UPDATED 2019-10-09 Glibc with debug symbols The first issue I run into is that Valgrind refused to work if Glibc was not compiled with debug symbols. This is how I did in my Gentoo notebook, I edited the /etc/portage/make.conf file to enable […]

  • Gentoo: Mailman with Nginx & Exim

    UPDATE 2019-06-23: Change /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib64/ (after upgrade to Gentoo profile 17.1) UPDATE 2017-05-11: Use https, with Let’s Encrypt. UPDATE 2014-07-23: Forgot to give nginx access to mailman archives. Stop using sudo. Use service. UPDATE 2012-12-10: the process has been simplified now that bug #37429 is fixed. This is how I installed Mailman in a […]