pygit2 0.17.1 released

pygit2 is a Python package that gives access to core features of the Git control version system. These features are implemented by the libgit2 shared library written in C, pygit2 is just a Python wrapper around this library.

The new version 0.17.1 of pygit2 adds several new features: support for diffs, the reflog and configuration files.

There has been too a huge code refactoring. Before the whole code was in a single C file of almost 4.000 lines of code, it has been split in several smaller files. Also pygit2 is now a package and contains a (for now empty) file, where we will add utility functions written in Python.

Other changes include improved support for Windows, and integration with Travis, a continuous integration service.

Several people has contributed to this new release, but Nico von Geyso deserves a special mention as the author of the code refactoring and of serveral new features.

Many thanks too to András Veres-Szentkirályi, Christian Boos, Martin Lenders, Petr Hosek and pistacchio for their contributions.

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