pygit2 0.17.1 released

pygit2 is a Python package that gives access to core features of the Git control version system. These features are implemented by the libgit2 shared library written in C, pygit2 is just a Python wrapper around this library.

The new version 0.17.1 of pygit2 adds several new features: support for diffs, the reflog and configuration files.

There has been too a huge code refactoring. Before the whole code was in a single C file of almost 4.000 lines of code, it has been split in several smaller files. Also pygit2 is now a package and contains a (for now empty) file, where we will add utility functions written in Python.

Other changes include improved support for Windows, and integration with Travis, a continuous integration service.

Several people has contributed to this new release, but Nico von Geyso deserves a special mention as the author of the code refactoring and of serveral new features.

Many thanks too to András Veres-Szentkirályi, Christian Boos, Martin Lenders, Petr Hosek and pistacchio for their contributions.






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  1. Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas Avatar


    I have just saw the code in the github.
    I was wondering if you provide an API and some
    examples except from the ones in the README.


    1. J. David Ibáñez Avatar

      There is the README file, and there is

      These are the docs auto-generated from the source code, though they are not completely up-to-date.

      Reading the unit tests should be helpful too.

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