• pygit2 version 0.20.2 adds support for pypy

    Changes: Support pypy Much improved support for remotes Improved support for index entries A couple of leaks fixed And much more… Thanks to Carlos Martín Nieto, Xu Tao, Alexander Bayandin and Petr Hosek. Resources: Download from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pygit2 Documentation at http://www.pygit2.org/ Join us at https://github.com/libgit2/pygit2 Enjoy!

  • pygit2 version 0.20.1 brings support for merge and reset

    Changes: New remote ref-specs API: #290 New Repository.reset(…): #292, #294 Export GIT_DIFF_MINIMAL: #293 New Repository.merge(…): #295 Fix Repository.blame argument handling: #297 Fix build error on Windows: #298 Fix typo in the README file, Blog → Blob: #301 Now Diff.patch returns None if no patch: #232, #303 New Walker.simplify_first_parent(): #304 Thanks to Jose Plana, Victor Garcia, […]

  • pygit2 0.20.0 adds support for blame

    New in this release is support for blame, and upgrade to libgit2 0.20. Detailed list of changes follows. Changes: Renamed Repository.head_is_orphaned to Repository.head_is_unborn Repository.listall_references and Repository.listall_branches now return a list, instead of a tuple The prototype of clone_repository changed Added support for blame New: Reference.log_append(…) Reference.shorthand Blog.is_binary len(Diff) Patch.additions Patch.deletions Patch.is_binary Thanks to: Carlos Martín […]

  • pygit2 0.19.1 released

    New in this release is support for push. Detailed list of changes follows. API changes: Rename Commit._message to Commit.raw_message Rename Signature._name to Signature.raw_name Rename Signature._email to Signature.raw_email New features: Remote.push(refspec) Tag.get_object() And some bugs fixed. Thanks to: Brodie Rao Fraser Tweedale Andrew Chin Carlos Martín Nieto Resources: Download from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pygit2 Documentation at http://www.pygit2.org/ Join us […]

  • Collectd Front-ends

    Finally, I found a good enough Collectd front-end: the Collectd Graph Panel (CGP). But first lets look at those front-ends which did not pass the exam: Collectd-web is the first I tried, maybe because it is the only one with a package in Gentoo (but it is poor package, so I ended up installing from […]

  • pygit2 0.19.0 released

    Three months after the previous release I am happy to present a new major version of pygit2, the Python bindings for the libgit2 library. Follows a summary with the changes. API changes: New Oid type Changed signature of Repository.create_reference Reference.oid and Reference.hex removed, use Reference.target instead Drop del Index[path] from the API, use Index.remove(path) instead […]

  • Munin, how to reduce IO with rrdcached

    Few weeks ago Munin was flooding me with message alerts about IO latency, read or write, going too high. Ironically it turned out Munin was the culprit. And the solution was to use rrdcached. Lets see a Munin graph that shows pretty well the difference using rrdcached made: Around week 21, when I deployed this […]

  • OVH: How to upgrade your kernel, if using Grub2

    OVH, the hosting company where I have my dedicated serves, does some quality assurance on the Linux kernels, the ones it deploys on newly installed servers. Now, after more than a year, there has been a new release. This is how upgraded the kernel on my Gentoo servers, which use Grub2: # cd /boot # […]

  • Backup MX for Mailman, with Exim

    This week a hard disk from one of my servers broke. It has been replaced with just 3 minutes of downtime (kudos to OVH), and right now the RAID array is being rebuilt. Since this is the first time this happens to me, and the server is running a production mailman service, I decided to […]

  • Gentoo: How to use Munin to monitor Mailman

    Update 31/12/2012: Now this is a bit simpler, since bug 448414 has been fixed. Before we start with the step-by-step procedure to get the mailman plug-in working, lets recall how to test a munin plug-in: $ sudo munin-run mailman posts.value 24 members.value 21892 The output above is what you should get once the mailman plug-in […]

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