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  • pygit2 0.20.3 introduces support for credentials

    Changes: Introduce support for credentials Several memory issues fixed Compatibility fixes for Python 3.3, PyPy3 and Visual Studio And much more… Thanks to Carlos Martín Nieto, Leonardo Rhodes, Devaev Maxim, Erik Meusel, Thomas Kluyver and earl. Resources: Download from Documentation at Join us at Enjoy!

  • pygit2 version 0.20.1 brings support for merge and reset

    Changes: New remote ref-specs API: #290 New Repository.reset(…): #292, #294 Export GIT_DIFF_MINIMAL: #293 New Repository.merge(…): #295 Fix Repository.blame argument handling: #297 Fix build error on Windows: #298 Fix typo in the README file, Blog → Blob: #301 Now Diff.patch returns None if no patch: #232, #303 New Walker.simplify_first_parent(): #304 Thanks to Jose Plana, Victor Garcia,…

  • Python: Running Valgrind on a C extension

    This is how I use Valgrind to check for memory bugs in pygit2. UPDATED 2019-10-09 Glibc with debug symbols The first issue I run into is that Valgrind refused to work if Glibc was not compiled with debug symbols. This is how I did in my Gentoo notebook, I edited the /etc/portage/make.conf file to enable…