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  • Munin, how to reduce IO with rrdcached

    Few weeks ago Munin was flooding me with message alerts about IO latency, read or write, going too high. Ironically it turned out Munin was the culprit. And the solution was to use rrdcached. Lets see a Munin graph that shows pretty well the difference using rrdcached made: Around week 21, when I deployed this […]

  • Gentoo: How to use Munin to monitor Mailman

    Update 31/12/2012: Now this is a bit simpler, since bug 448414 has been fixed. Before we start with the step-by-step procedure to get the mailman plug-in working, lets recall how to test a munin plug-in: $ sudo munin-run mailman posts.value 24 members.value 21892 The output above is what you should get once the mailman plug-in […]