pygit2 0.19.1 released

New in this release is support for push. Detailed list of changes follows. API changes: Rename Commit._message to Commit.raw_message Rename Signature._name to Signature.raw_name Rename Signature._email to Signature.raw_email New features: Remote.push(refspec) Tag.get_object() And some bugs fixed. Thanks to: Brodie Rao Fraser Tweedale Andrew Chin Carlos Martín Nieto Resources: Download from Documentation at Join us […]

pygit2 0.19.0 released

Three months after the previous release I am happy to present a new major version of pygit2, the Python bindings for the libgit2 library. Follows a summary with the changes. API changes: New Oid type Changed signature of Repository.create_reference Reference.oid and Reference.hex removed, use instead Drop del Index[path] from the API, use Index.remove(path) instead […]

Gentoo: How to use Munin to monitor Mailman

Update 31/12/2012: Now this is a bit simpler, since bug 448414 has been fixed. Before we start with the step-by-step procedure to get the mailman plug-in working, lets recall how to test a munin plug-in: $ sudo munin-run mailman posts.value 24 members.value 21892 The output above is what you should get once the mailman plug-in […]

Gentoo: How to debug Exim

If you have some problem with exim, and the logs are not enough, edit the /etc/conf.d/exim file, and add the debugging option (-d): /etc/conf.d/exim# Command-line options for running eximEXIM_OPTS=”-bd -q15m -d” Then restart exim: # /etc/init.d/exim restart The exim daemon will not be detached from the console, the debug information will be printed to the […]

pygit2 v0.17.3 released

This should be the last release in the v0.17 series. The master branch has already been moved to be based in the libgit2’s development branch. New in v0.17.3: New Blob.size getter New Repository.create_blob_fromfile method Signature, now the time and offset parameters are optional Improved diff support Add pygit2.__version__ Optimize usage of Travis Various fixes for […]