Month: January 2017

  • The system-ui font

    Imagine: font-family: system-ui, sans-serif; Enabled by default in Chrome 56, system-ui is a special font name, that tells Chrome to use the system font (be it Cantarell in Gnome, San Francisco in macOS, etc.) But system-ui is something new, as far as I know available only in the latest versions of Blink based browsers. So […]

  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (hsts)

    Just learned about HSTS and started using it. First let me explain HSTS with my own words. Scenario without hsts: The user types the domain name in the URL bar without the protocol, such as “”, and the browser automatically adds the “http://” prefix. This first request is vulnerable to Man In The Middle (MITM) […]

  • Automatic LXD snapshots

    Just wrote an small Python script (lxdsnap) to automatically create snapshots of every LXD container, once an hour, and remove the old ones.